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Mindfulness based cognitive therapy and Breathwork course (online version) 

In the comfort of your home 

  • 8 Group zoom meetings, 4.5 hours each meeting.

  •  Over 20 in-person/zoom sessions of Mindfulness, Breathwork and yoga classes. 

  •  2 * 30 min personal consolation.    


Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence-based therapy developed by Seagal, Willaims and Teadsdale, 2013. Although originally developed specifically for people recovering from depression, it has since been expanded and shown to be effective for a range of other diagnoses, including depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). MBCT is a type of psychotherapy that integrates cognitive therapy, meditation, and the cultivation of a present-oriented, non-judgmental attitude called "mindfulness” and is highly focused on practicing and experiencing concepts rather than just learning about them in a theoretical way. The type of breathwork mostly used in the program is a gentler variant of the original Holotropic Breathwork developed by Stanislav Grof, typically lasting about 60 minutes. After a sharing circle the individual is guided through regular breathing to build coherent heart rate variability and increase parasympathetic arousal. The person is then guided to breathe more deeply as music builds, which causes a safe level of respiratory alkalosis. When charging music stops and breathing is encouraged to slow the individual typically experiences a sense of wellbeing and emotional release. In this stage the individual is instructed to observe their experience with mindful awareness and curiosity. Relaxing music encourages safe recovery and grounding. The process is fully supervised and supported by an experienced and certified practitioner for participants during and after the breathing. 
The combination of these two modalities helps to:

- Cultivate awareness and focus.
- Cultivate non-reactiveness and acceptance towards what we choose
 Builds mental and physical stamina and resilience to stress. 
- Helps to become more compassionate for your self and others. 

Graduated participants will receive diploma of course completion recognised by the "Australian Breathwork Association" and  the International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance".   

Next course dates: TBA          
Price include: 

8 Group zoom meetings, 2 one on one consultations, 20 in-person (or via zoom) Mindfulness, Breathwork and Yoga classes. Extra support if needed
Price:   $1650  Promotion Price  $950
Early bird price  (TBA) Extra %10 Discount - $855 

Who is this course for? 
Any one who would like to learn and practice simple yet powerful tools to reduce stress, learn how to work with anxiety and depression and reduce trauma responses.  

Who is not this course for? 
Although this course fits almost everybody, some of the breathing techniques taught in it will require adjustments in cases of epilepsy, astma, or if needing to avoid cardio activity. 
declaration will be sent upon registration)  
This course does not fit people who are taking antipsychotics  medications. 
As this is a skill course you will be expected to invest 20-40 minutes every day for some experiential home practice. If you do not intend to do so, it might not be the course for you. 
Many of our past participants who experienced severe anxiety for many years say that the practice does help tremendously. 

Please reach out if you have any question or concerns  



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