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             OUR VISION

We believe in the wonders of self healing and transformation, the ability to release trauma and improve your own lives.
With different tools and modalities, together we find an accurate way to:

•Release through the body and breath emotional patterns and defense mechanisms, such as stress, anxiety, depression, physical and emotional restraints.

•Cultivate a compassion, awareness and clarity and precision, regulating our emotional system to be as our internal guidance.

• Motivate and raise the vitality and physical energy level of the body.
• Become authentic, connection to ourselves, simplicity and


Gilad Shavit Breathers
Mia Shavit Breathers

   Gilad Shavit                                           Mia Shavit

Co-founder of Breathers. Licensed Body-Mind Therapist from Israel. Now based in Port Sorell -Tasmania. Certificated and well experienced in Yoga Instruction,  Rebirthing-BreathWork, Tibetan Bowl Therapy as well as Life and Health Coach. Working with individuals, groups and organizations. Leading workshops  around the world of mindfulness  and breathwork for trauma recovery and empowerment. mainly these days work in the mental health ward ( Trauma recovery clinic) in a hospital. 

Since 2001 I have been teaching individuals and organisations skills and tools I have learnt and practiced over the years.  Helping people to make meaningful transformations.  I am here to support you through the beauty and messiness of being a human, help you let go of the weight you are carrying and change your relationship with what you cannot change, becoming more relaxed and clear minded, healthier in your day to day life.




Co-founder of Breathers. I really enjoy to first meet you on a deeper level before working holistically with love and compassion to treat people as a whole rather than physical symptoms,

utalising techniques from the modalities of  Somatics, Polyvagal theory, Breathwork,  Remedial Massage and Reflexology.


I have been working mostly behind the scenes during the past years while navigating the wonderful adventure of motherhood. My path on this adventure included post natal depression, bucket loads of anxiety and a breakdown. Also I have completed a lot of study in attachment and developmental neuroscience in regard to growing happy healthy humans as well as how to bring them back to thriving after trauma.


As our little ones are now becoming more independent in this world I am full of excitement and passion to study further and share the modalities which helped me during the past years.

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