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 The Breathers accredited  teacher training course in Breathwork and mindfulness 450hrs (+180off site)

Change of breath change of life  

15 weekends over 2 years of personal and professional journey of explorations, realisations and transformations. Breathwork, mindfulness and Humaness.  

Our culture has inherited a map of the human inner world which is missing many critical elements. We are becoming more reliant on external substances and losing connections with our bodies, communities, nature surrounding us and each other. I believe we are at a turning point where more and more people including health professionals start to recognise that we have many abilities not yet tapped into, starting to look at ancient modalities and techniques from a scientific point of view and support it. Bring wholeness to individuals and communities in a more holistic way. 

In the last 10 years I have been sharing with people techniques and teachings that demonstrate that we are social spiritual, incredibly intelligent organisms and that our systems are constantly seeking balance and wholeness, even (or especially) when experienced as des-ease.  Learning to listen deeply to ourselves and to trust the process reveals a deep organic intelligence at work. Breathwork combined with mindfulness is an extremely effective way to release trauma and allow the transformation to naturally happen without stopping it. 

This course approach is both “Up to Down”  -  with lots of theory, science and discussions, changing our mental view of things, experiencing them differently, and “Bottom Up” approach encouraging the physiology of the body to finish unfinished processes, teaching our systems to be come more resilient relaxed or alert acodring to the situation,  changing our physiology, the way we feel, sense and think, together healing the body in a sustainable way.

1. To create the ideal environment so that we are able to deeply encounter ourselves, and find the freedom of being able to fully be with ourselves, no matter what.

2. To train practitioners to become highly skilled, caring and ethical professionals.

3. To increase the awareness of breathwork and the body’s potential in the work with trauma while integrating it more in the public systems with qualified breathwork practitioners. 

Level 1 is inner process of self exploration and discovery,  and Level 2 further develops the knowledge and skills for practice including a clinical environment. 


Level 1

The training offers a powerful personal development journey. While there are written notes and many invitations to discuss the material in service to deeper understanding, the course is primarily an experiential journey. We use the Breath, discussions, meditations, and the Group Process to dive into ourself, explore, nurture and release through acknowledgment, acceptance and expression, physically mentally and emotionally. 

The course's foundation is the creation of a safe space where we can become unusually real with ourselves and with each other, where we can be respect-full compassionate witness to each other's journeys, where our combined experiences and our journeys become the most wondrous textbook, not yet written, but deeply experienced and known.


There is no expectation that those doing this course will choose to become practitioners,  (my own training was done only with the intentions to “dive deep” into myself.) 


The Breathers training course part 1 is in 10 x 3 day Modules 7:30am-5:30pm, 3-6 weeks apart, and will be held in Port Sorell (Devonport area)  ,Hobart and Meander.

Part 2 applies Part 1 learning to develop the student’s ability to support others in professional consultations, work in a clinical environment  and to develop a successful professional practice.

It offers a combination of continuing to investigate personal material, working with others in supervised practice including in Rivendell mental health ward in Burnie Private Hospital, and further theory.

Part 2 of the training is taught in 5 x 2 day Modules, 7:30am-5:30pm, 3-6 weeks apart, and will be held in Port Sorel (Devonport area), Hobart and Meander.

Course comence in Sep 2023 

Our Goals

Course Structure


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