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About : Inner_about
White Sand and Stone


The abilites to change are availebe for who ever wishes it

About : Inner_about

   Gilad Shavit

Founder of Breathers. Licensed Body-Mind Therapist from Israel. Now based in Port Sorell -Tasmania. Certificated and well experienced in Yoga Instruction, BreathWork, Tibetan Bowl Therapy as well as Life and Health Coach. Working with individuals, groups and organizations. Leading workshops  around the world of mindfulness and breathwork for trauma recovery and empowerment, and these days in the mental health ward (Rivendell Trauma recovery Center) in Burnie Private Hospital. 

Since 2001 I have been accompanying individuals and organisations with skills and tools learnt over the years.  Helping people to make meaningful transformations increase mental, emotional and physical stamina, awareness,  focus and acceptance.

I am here to support you through life’s complex matters,  help you let go of some of the weight you are carrying,  and improve your relationship with the what you cannot change, becoming more relaxed and healthy in your day to day life.

Studies and accreditation

 -Breathwork practitioner and facilitation                 teacher training course

-Life and Health Couching course  

-Yoga instruction TTC E-YRT200

-Sound engineering 

-Heart math training  (HRV training)

-Mindfulness (MBSR and MBCT) courses

-Vipassana mediation courses 

-Modern applied Psychology  (DiMAP)

-Counselling Skills Certificate Course



  Mia Shavit

Founder of the art of balance therapy. Mia first meets you on a deeper level before working holistically with love and compassion to treat people as whole rather than  physical symptoms.


Utalising techniques from the modalities of  Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal  theory, Massage,  Reflexology, Rebirthing.

The introduction between myself to the holistic world of body mind connection and healing changed the way I look at the world. I am thankful for that day as much as the wonderful therapists and modalities that supported me to stand in the place I do today.


             OUR VISION

We believe in the wonders of self healing and transformation, the ability to release trauma and improve your own lives.
With different tools and modalities, together we find an accurate way to:

• Motivate and raise the vitality and physical energy level of the body. 
• Connect to deep layers in emotional levels  and use the emotional system as our internal guidance.
• Release through the body and breath emotional patterns and defense mechanisms, such as stress, anxiety, physical and emotional restraints, depression, etc., which delay our development. 

• To reach a point of Awarness, clarity and precision of thoughts • Balanced mind and authenticity. • Connection to ourselves, to simplicity and to joy and love in life.

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