The abilites to change are availebe for who ever wishes it

             OUR VISION

We believe in the wonders of self healing and transformation, the ability to improve your own lives.
With different tools and modalities, together we find an accurate way to:

• Motivate and raise the vitality and physical energy level of the body. 
• Connect to deep layers in emotional levels  and use the emotional system as our internal guidance.
• Release through the body and breath emotional patterns and defense mechanisms, such as stress, anxiety, physical and emotional restraints, depression, etc., which delay our development. 

• To reach a point of Awarness, clarity and precision of thoughts • Balanced mind and authenticity. • Connection to ourselves, to simplicity and to joy and love in life.


   Gilad Shavit

Founder of Breathers. Licensed Body-Mind Therapist from Israel. Now based in Devonport -Tasmania. Certificated and well experienced in Yoga Instruction,  Rebirthing-BreathWork, Reiki, Tibetan Bowl Therapy as well as Life and Health Coach. Working with individuals, couples, groups and organizations. Leading workshops  around the world of movement, breath, mindfulness and coaching for healing and empowering.

Since 2001 I have been accompanying and empowering individuals with skills and tools learnt over the years. Leading changes from within and helping people to improve abilities, confidence, stability, physical and mental balance and stamina.

I am here to support you through life’s most complex and difficult matters. I truly care about my Clients well-being and guarantee top of the line services catered to their needs.



  Mia Shavit

Founder of the art of balance therapy. Mia first meets you on a deeper level before working holistically with love and compassion to treat people as whole rather than  physical symptoms.


Utalising techniques from the modalities of  Remedial Massage,  Reflexology, Rebirthing, Tibetian Bowls, The Journey and Reiki.


The introduction between myself to the holistic world of body mind connection and healing changed the way I look at the world. I am thankful for that day as much as the wonderful therapists and modalities that supported me to stand in the place I do today.


Sharlene has been a student of Yoga since meeting her first teacher in Feb. 2000. Being exposed to core teachings that thread through many of the worlds Spiritual traditions, Life Sciences, Physics and Neuroscience, Sharlene had 12 amazing years with her teachers guidance. In this time Sharlene learned first hand the transformative power inherent in the teachings and how they are supporting her own

 healing whilst simultaneously helping discover her purpose and path of service. 

Sharlene has a passion for assisting others on their unique path of learning, growth and healing expressing this through Cranio-sacral Therapy, Creative visualisation, Yoga and Mindfulness for Adults, Children and Families. She also holds a certificate 3 in early childhood education.

Sharlene believes in the light and potential within each one of us, and one of the most powerful ways to empower people to tap into their inner light is through Love, Presence and Connection.

Sharlene’s classes embody sensitivity with a deep understanding of anatomy. Her aim is to guide people to attune and listen to, the wisdom and intelligence within their own bodies, hearts and minds in order to develop a deeper connection with self and facilitate greater awareness.

"When we are in touch with what is happening in our inner realms, our choices reflect this. We come from a more connected and informed place of knowing."

Sharlene Broughton

    Addi Kaufman

Holistic Psychotherapist since 2008. Specialises in a veriety of body-mind healing methods such as Reiki, Reflexology, Re-birthing, sound and voice healing and guided meditation.


Women's circle facilitator, leading workshops for women, focused on healing the feminine energy, through  sisterhood, to revive the connection to the womb, and to bring balance and peace to all aspects of life.


Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to explore the mistery of life and death, the connection between body and soul. This passion led me to a path of self growth, and self healing, learning and collecting different tools along the way,

encountering many wonderful teachers,  including my beloved life partner, Nimrod, and our 3 children, to whom I am grateful for being my guides on this life journey, reminding me everyday- the healing power of Love

 Nimrod Kaufman

Founder of the H.L.B.T School of breath. Offers therapists training courses, Leading workshops and supporting individuals and couples in their development processes and personal growth using dynamic breathing techniques (such as rebirthing, pulsation, holotropic breathwork, and circular breathing).


MA in Organizational Counseling and BA in Psychology.

For me, breathing is first and foremost a unique tool by being a useful tool for every person and every moment. The way we breathe has an immediate and powerful effect on all our systems, whether in the biological, physiological, emotional, mental, or energetic sense.