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Empowering People - Inspiring Community

Some of our activities and services are :  ​

Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY)

A blend of Hatha yoga, Hanna somatic education, Feldenkrais, Breathing techniques, and Meditations.  GSY is a process of slow mindful exploration called Somatic Movement Flows. These restorative sequences are ideal for unwinding stiffness, pain and posture imbalances and will dramatically increase flexibility through brain to muscle re-education. From this place of new found freedom, we naturally return to our general state of peace and well being.

Music and Sound Therapy 

"An evidence-based clinical use of musical interventions to improve clients’ quality of life.  Music therapists use music and its many facets - physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual to help clients improve their health in cognitive, motor, emotional, communicative, social, sensory, and educational domains by using both active and receptive music experiences." In the center we use Gongs, Tibetan bowls, drums, didgeridoos, bells, music and more. Classes, workshops and courses of sound healing..

Seniors / Chair Yoga

In our Seniors / beginners Yoga we integrate elements of  ‘Chair Yoga, Slow flow with Modifications, Gentle Somatic Yoga, Yin Yoga, lots of Breath work, Meditation and Relaxation. This is a beautiful connective class. We always start the session with a short sharing circle, the support from the group is one of the most nurturing and inspiring things that makes this class so special. (Sharing is optional).


Classes and courses for different breathing techniques to manipulate the way our body energises and cleanses itself. With every inhalation the body takes in oxygen which converts into energy , and every exhalation the body releases carbon dioxide  - our way of taking out toxins. In breath-work we learn to improve our breathing (hence energising and cleansing abilities) concentration and focus levels, stress reduction and body control. Creating a breathing culture to help us deal with life’s more difficult matters.

Sharing Circles

Introducing a small, supportive and confidential space where participants are welcomed and encourgaed to share their current conditions, be it a feeling, dilema, difficulty etc. The group support by listening without judgment or offering a solution, promoting personal process and human connection.

Yoga Level 2

A combination of power yoga, vinyasa flow and ashtanga, a fitness or workout style practice for those who like it faster and stronger.

Slow Flow Yoga with Sharlene

Sharlene’s classes involve a fusion of Slow flow and Mindful Movements, Breathework, Gentle Vinyasa and HathaYoga Postures. In her classes, the exploration and ‘in between micro movements’ are just as important as the end result. Connection and awareness of slow rhythmic movement with the breath is the key.  Participants are invited to give them selves full permission to play, to express, to find their own flow by moving from within. 

Yin Yoga / Meditation

Yin Yoga is about allowing and coming back to a deep stillness, it is a beautiful preparation practice for Meditation.With less Yoga  postures and longer floor based, supported holds, (up to 3 – 5 minutes),  Yin Yoga creates the perfect container for deeper internal connection, awareness, stillness and change.  The mind is given full permission to ‘simply be’ ... to really rest deeply … to listen … to hear … to see … not through the senses, but that which lies beyond the senses.Yin Yoga is perfect for all levels as we use props and many forms of variations to make it best suit your needs and unique requirements.

Children’s Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation

Aiding Children to discover (or awaken to) their inner superpowers.  Helping them build resilience and cultivate valuable inner resources using activities that involve movement, breath and yoga. From stories, ancient wisdom and Myth, dance, creativity and a healthy dose of fun!

Family Yoga

Family Yoga is all about Love and Connection, Present Moment Being, and coming closer to ourselves, family  and our community.There is a real sense of coming together, sharing the joy, supporting each other, blossoming together, over coming together, building each other up.

Hatha Yoga 

Move your body in healing ways to become stronger and more flexible and stable, physically, mentaly and emotionally.

Special Workshops and Guests

More workshop, classes and and community activities by spacial guests both local and international. 

Breathers Community Wellness Centre offers evidence based techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and depression in ways accessible to everyone. Empowering individuals and communities to positive growth and transformation, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Meet The Teachers


Founder of Breathers. Licensed Body-Mind Therapist from Israel. Leading Psychotherapy workshops around the world of movement, breath, mindfulness and coaching for growth healing and empowerment. Certificated and well experienced in Yoga Instruction, Rebirthing-BreathWork, Reiki, Life Coaching and Tibetan Bowl Therapy and sound engineering. Working with individuals, couples, groups and organizations.  Specialising in working with PTSD, anxiety and depression. 


GIlad Shavit

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Sharlene Broughton

Founder of N.W. Family & Children’s Yoga. Cert.lll in early childhood development with 26 years experience of natural therapeutic modalities including massage therapy (Dp. health science) and Craniosacral therapy (The upledger foundation). Certified Yoga teacher who combines both sensitivity and deep understanding of anatomy and physiology.  Specialising in working with children, teenagers, the golden years (seniors), stress, chronic pain and PTSD. Sharlene' s journey in Yoga came about through discovering its power and many benefits in her own healing from traumatic events.

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* Casual visit $20 (concession $15)

* Casual visit for a double class $35 (concession $30)

* Ten class pass $150 (3 months expiry)

* Monthly unlimited pass - first pass $145
renewal of monthly pass $160.

* Your passes cover all classes on the timetable! 

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